The In-Kennel Program lets you drop off your dog at our location for their training. This program offers the same benefits as our Private Training, and/or with Behavior Modification for rehabilitating problematic behaviors such as extreme shyness, phobias, biting, aggression, and more. We can also recondition nuisance behaviors such as jumping, barking, counter surfing, and barging through doors.

The In-Kennel Program has multiple benefits, such as:

  • Gives our trainer the opportunity to work with your dog multiple times a day to ensure the establishment of behaviors and make sure structure is incorporated into their lives
  • Allows your dog to be exposed to a different environment, new people, new animals, and new distractions
  • Allows our trainer ample one on one time with your dog to thoroughly address and resolve behavior issues
  • The ability to use our on-site tools and equipment to effectively challenge the dog's mind and body

We realize the same training approach does not work the same for all dogs so we pride ourselves in modifying a training program that is most effective for your four-legged companion. When you come to pick up your pet our trainer will personally go over what your dog has learned, how to execute commands, how and when to deliver rewards and corrections, the new boundaries to be established at your home, and will answer any questions you may have. It is imperative that the owner understands what it will entail to maintain the dog's training in order to continue to see effective results.

For more information, pricing, or to sign up for our In-Kennel Program, please feel free to contact us here